September 7 - 9, 2018 @ Chicago

FRIDAY  September 7, 2018
Making Society Prosperous
Conducted by the World Hindu Economic Forum
This conference brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and industrialists alongside economists and business strategists to share best practices, ideas, and real world experiences. The session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities for generating inclusive prosperity ethically and effectively. The guiding theme of the conference is "Making Society Prosperous."
Introductory Remark - Keynote
Session 1. Bharat Economic Growth Story-Next 20 years
Bharat today is growing at a rate of over 7%. As the Modi administration delivers structure reforms: bankruptcy code, GST, and many more, the current growth is expected to accelerate to 8-9% growth for the next 20 years. This provides opportunities for both global investors and local citizens.
Session 2. Corporate America: How Business Leaders from Bharat are part of the C Suite
The Fortune 500 companies have seen large numbers of immigrants from Bharat occupy C level positions in these organizations. Satya Nadella-Microsoft, Ajay Banga-MasterCard, Indra Nooyi-Pepsi, Sunder Pichai-Google, Bhavesh Patel-Lyondell Basell etc. Is it the education, culture, ambition or sheer luck that has propelled people from Bharat in the United States to the top echelon of Corporate America?
Saturday September 8, 2018
Session 3. U.S.-Bharat Corridor: Business Opportunities
Current trade between U.S.-Bharat is approximately $110 billion dollars. Ambitious target between the two nations has been set at $500 billion per annum. This will provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs across the border to participate in economic growth story
Session 4. Technology Evolution & Entrepreneurial Spirit: “Future Shock” & Entrepreneurial Opportunities?
We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Disruptive nature of Amazon, Tesla, Uber, Airbnb and others are providing exponential growth opportunities for the participants. What other opportunities are around the corner as economic, technological and social trends converge.
Session 5. Entrepreneurial Start Ups in Emerging Markets: Raising Capital & Success Stories
Startups across the world create jobs, innovate, disrupt and fuel economic growth of a nation. What does it take to understand a new idea, raise capital and build teams that are successful while disruptive the current order?
Session 6. Educating the next wave of entrepreneurs: to meet the global challenges of the 21st century
The World Economic Forum’s Global Education Initiative (GEI) - Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs provides specific recommendations for the academic, public, private and non-profit sectors to collaborate in supporting the development of entrepreneurship ecosystems, in which education is a key driver. The importance of entrepreneurship education for developing the skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to create jobs, generate economic growth, advance human welfare and stimulate innovation to address global challenges.