September 7 - 9, 2018 @ Chicago

FRIDAY  September 7, 2018
Truth is Supreme
Conducted by the World Hindu Media Forum
This conference brings together journalists, bloggers, artists, media house executives, public commentators, and observers to share ideas and experiences. The session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities in emerging forms of media and evolving strategies to keep the world better informed through accurate and honest reporting and unbiased analysis of events happening in the Hindu world. The guiding theme of the conference is "Truth is Supreme."
Introductory Remark - Keynote
Session 1. News Media and the Hindu Perspective
Hindu movement and Hindu resurgence is often referred to as a regressive trend. It is also used as a moral equivalence to bail out the extremists of all shades and persuasions. There is little space or time devoted to even the ongoing Hindu genocide, leave aside the everyday discriminations Hindus face across the world. A lot of it may be due to genuine ignorance but a massive inherent prejudice is undeniable.
Session 2. Technology and Future Trends
Media is, essentially, a delivery system. From a mere ink-on-paper beginnings a few centuries that enabled one-way dissemination, it is today electronics driven with screens on hand-held devices allowing real-time two-way engagement. How is media consumption changing and what kind of opportunities and challenges it will bring about?
Saturday September 8, 2018
Session 3. Social Media – Riding this wave with a Hindu Agenda
Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microblogs, etc. are, virtually, out-trending the mainstream media. It effectively challenges the self-serving ‘left-liberal’ consensus against the Hindu interests. It is also proved to be a strong counterpoint to a generally hostile mainstream media. How should Hindus leverage this opportunity.
Session 4. Commerce of Media – Looking for Entrepreneurs
Bharat’s largest media entrepreneur is an American of the Australian origin. Unlike China, all our major social media platforms are foreign-owned. The business-model of print medium in Bharat has inherent entry barriers which favor oligopolies.
Session 5. Entertainment Media and Eroding Hindu Values
Hindus are, often, reduced to a caricature in Bhartiya cinema and popular lyrics. Several recent blockbusters have openly ridiculed what the Hindus hold sacred even as reverence in other faiths goes unquestioned. Misrepresentation, concoction, deliberate assaults on the rituals, faith and identity of Hindus to undermine them.
Session 6. Workshop - Open Session