September 7 - 9, 2018 @ Chicago

FRIDAY  September 7, 2018
Women at the Highest Position of Society
Conducted by the Hindu Women Forum
This conference brings together Hindu women from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and professions, including business, science, politics, and the arts, to share ideas and their experiences. This session also provides a platform to deliberate the unique strengths and approaches Hindu women offer in addressing some of the most pressing issues impacting the wellbeing of Hindus, humanity, and the world.
Introductory Remark - Keynote
Session 1. Women and Economy: Recognition of Hindu women's contribution in (not to) economically enriching this world
Industrial Sector – Cottage industries, Small, Medium and Large Industries, women entrepreneurs. Agriculture Sector – Right from Vedic age and up till now. Micro Savings – Inherent quality of Hindu women to save for future in the form of finance, gold and even values etc. which would help the family and the economy as well when in distress. Service Sector – Covering all the aspects of service sector (Skilled-unskilled, structured-unstructured, organised-unorganised, public and private)
Session 2. Hindu Women in Education
Women’s contribution towards social trending of human thought process. Profiling the behavioral pattern of the society holistically for a better living. Developing Curriculum - some extra courses keeping in mind the nurturing nature of women and imbibing leadership qualities.
Saturday September 8, 2018
Session 3. Media and Art
Opportunities & Challenges – A comparative study. Stage, Art and Movie world – Putting a feminine perspective through media to bring dignity and pride(to counter women objectification). Participation of women in decision making and monitoring which would enable a positive change in the society.
Session 4. Shaping the Role of Hindu Women in society
Gruhini – The services rendered by a Gruhini, if translated in monetary terms would supersede the salary of a qualified experienced software engineer. Role model to a teaching fraternity – Home is the first school and mother is the first Guru. Positive Parenting – Hindu families facing modern threat from marital discard, domestic oppression, drug abuse, bringing up kids in non-conducive environment. Women’s contribution towards social trending – Women is no longer confined to her family alone but she has a wider role towards society and country as well which in turn has started influencing the human thought process. Behavioral pattern – Action speaks louder than the words. Passion, compassion, duty with contentment.
Session 5. Inspiring Hindu women - Case studies - Success stories
Politics and Governance – Women have proved successful in the field of politics and governance ever since the Vedic period. For example Kaikayi and many more. Social Activism – Women now are pro active in social service and running NGOs successfully.
Session 6. Way Forward – Networking of Hindu Resourceful Women across the Globe
Interactive Workshop