September 7 - 9, 2018 @ Chicago

FRIDAY  September 7, 2018
Rise, Organize, Lead and Emerge
Conducted by the Hindu Student & Youth Network
This conference brings together youth organizations and Hindu students active throughout the global Hindu community to share best practices and experiences. This session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities for mentorship, pathways to leadership, as well as building capacity for youth to impact the common good through service.
Introductory Remark - Keynote
Session 1. Strengthening Hindu identity
Changing the narrative of identity - making sure we see identity on our terms; make sure younger generation is proud of their Hindu heritage. Our U.S.P. for resurgence - preparing our Hindu youth to be ambassadors of dharma. Commanding respect in the host society - identity is a projection of dharmic society outwards
Session 2. Hindu Youth as drivers and leaders of the economy
Hindu Youth as drivers and leaders of the economy. Contribution of Hindu youth in strengthening host economy. Re-thinking models of seva: sustainable social entrepreneurship. Hindu Entrepreneurship in 21st century - Need for Hindu youth to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers. Developing micro environment/ecosystem to promote/sustain entrepreneurship. Mechanisms to access local government support to leverage seed and other capital
Saturday September 8, 2018
Session 3. Education for Positioning the Next Generation of Hindus
Identifying education fields that have less Hindu representation then encouraging youth to be strategically educated in those areas and therefore well positioned for the future. Coming up with a mechanism of reclaiming what is Hindu through use of knowledge, policy influence, studying appropriate majors to be prepared to deal with all aspects of dharmic societal existence globally. When borrowing becomes exploitation – how do we deal with it?
Session 4. Proactive Engagement in Media
Evolving thought process through media and politics: There is a need for Hindu voice to be heard in media and politics. This can only happen if the Hindu youth gets actively involved in these fields. Influencing media to gain political clout and Hindu society and Dharmic society position. Instead of being reactive, being proactive and consistent -- changing the narrative as per our terms
Session 5. Politics and Hindu Human Rights - Importance for the Next Generation
Youth activism for protecting Hindu human rights: Hindus are the most persecuted and neglected communities in many parts of the world, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, regions of Bharat, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Gulf, West Asia (Middle-East), etc. Providing avenues for young people to get involved in human rights focused on protecting our communities.
Session 6. Workshop - Creating a Strong Network for Communication and Unanimous Voice
Here, we aim to project the conference experience into future action by asking how participants can be ambassadors of Hindu dharma. In the session, global youth leaders will share strategies, experiences, and resources in a structured workshop setting on particular topics (e.g. education, media, social work, politics, entrepreneurship) that appeal to and connect to the youth.